Guo Tai Group enters Shuangcheng Community to carry out charitable donation activities

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[Guo Tai News] On the afternoon of January 16, 2020, Cathay Pacific Group entered the Pukou Shuangcheng community in Nanjing to carry out charitable donation activities. The theme of this charity event is "Large hands and small hands, build a Chinese dream." This event was co-organized by important core enterprises in Pancheng Street United District, Pukou District, attended by relevant district leaders, and Wu Jian, Director of Cathay Brand Center.


[The picture shows the on-site photography of donating money and goods]


It is reported that the charity activity of “Let ’s join hands to build the Chinese Dream” is based on the theme of “Children enjoy the sun and warm their peers.” It focuses on the urgent needs of adolescents in distress, mobilizes the caring forces of all walks of life, and provides them with various forms of material assistance Psychological care services, let the children spend a warm winter and a happy Spring Festival. Cathay Pacific Group actively responded to the government's call to raise funds and good things, and sent them to the young people in distress with related leaders such as Pancheng Street, Shuangcheng Community, Pancheng Police Station, etc., and held a special fire safety lecture on the scene. Safety belts are brought into thousands of homes to enhance parents and children's understanding of fire and fire prevention knowledge.


[The picture shows parents and children listening carefully to a fire fighting lecture]

In recent years, the Cathay Pacific Group has attached great importance to public welfare undertakings, and has relied on the Cathay Pacific Foundation to contribute to its efforts in the fields of employment, taxation, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, public welfare, and environmental protection. Cathay Group has repeatedly organized and participated in public welfare charity projects such as poverty alleviation and environmental protection, such as the "Sunflower" youth growth charity fund donation, condolences to Pukou special school, Shaanxi Zhenan poverty alleviation, and Lianyungang Caozhuang education aid activities ... Promote truth, goodness, beauty, and pass on positive energy. Cathay Group actively implements its corporate citizenship responsibility by paying attention to public welfare undertakings and doing its part for social public welfare undertakings!


[The picture shows the scene of public welfare activities]


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